Planning to rape Lydia Cacho in jail

Puebla – On Febraury 23rd, 2006, Hanna Naked Bayed, one of the main accomplices of Kamel Nacif in the conspiracy against journalist Lydia Cacho, had his state concession to run a maquiladora (low-wage factory) in San Miguel prison taken away by Puebla governor Mario Marin. Naked Bayed had held the prison concession for 17 years.
As has been expected, Governor Marin has begun to take measures to overcome the serious political crisis which came about when a series of secretly recorded tapes of the conspiracy against Lydia Cacho came to light.
Governor Marin’s most recent state-ment distancing himself from accused pedophile Kamel Nacif…
“Of course he is not my friend. I cannot be a friend of a person whom attempts to break the law, and is suspect-ed of crimes against children.”
The next step by Governor Marin could be to remove from power state attorney general Laura Villeda Martinez, state Judicial Police head Antonio Karam, and judge Rosa Celia Perez González, who previously presided in the Lydia Cacho defamation trial.
– La Jornada
Mexico City
Feb. 24, 2006