Did you know that abuse victims are five times more likely
to seek help from clergy than any other professional*?

Religious leaders with skills and tools to support these victims can be of much greater help than those without.
JWI’s Clergy Task Force on Domestic Abuse in the Jewish Community is providing a training webinar for rabbis, cantors, and rabbinical and cantorial students!
Please join us Thursday, March 22nd from noon to 1:00 p.m. (EST)
Participants will learn to recognize domestic abuse and increase their skills in providing support to abused women and children.  The importance of collaborating with community-based organizations will be emphasized.  The agenda includes: Voices of Survivors ▪ Dynamics of Domestic Abuse ▪ Role of Clergy ▪ Spiritual Tools ▪ Clergy Challenges ▪ Prevention ▪ Next Steps
All participants must register in advance.
Registered participants who have particular issues or challenges that they would like to have addressed are encouraged to contact Deborah Rosenbloom at 800.343.2823 or [email protected].
Please forward this email to your network of rabbis and cantors!
JWI’s Clergy Task Force on Domestic Abuse in the Jewish Community
Rabbi H. David Rose ▪ Washington, DC, chair
Rabbi Rachel Ain ▪ Syracuse, NY
Rabbi Amy Ruth Bolton ▪ Teaneck, NJ
Rabbi Nina Beth Cardin ▪ Baltimore, MD
Rabbi Sean Gorman ▪ Toronto, Ontario
Rabbi Susan Grossman ▪ Columbia, MD
Rabbi Richard Hirsh ▪ Wyncote, PA
Rabbi Marla Hornsten ▪ W. Bloomfield, MI
Cantor Deborah Jacobson ▪ Palm Harbor, FL
Cantor Deborah Katchko Gray ▪ Ridgefield, CT
Rabbi Donna Kirshbaum ▪ Princeton, NJ
Rabbi Anson Laytner ▪ Seattle, WA
Rabbi Esther L. Lederman ▪ Washington, DC
Ari Lorge ▪ Hebrew Union College, Cincinnati, OH
Rabbi Ron Muroff ▪ Harrisburg, PA
Rabbi David M. Rosenberg ▪ Chicago, IL
Rabbi Susan Shankman ▪Washington, DC
For more information about JWI, please visit our website.
*2009 Georgia Domestic Violence Fatality Review Annual Report and 2004 JWI Needs AssessmentCLERGY AGAINST

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