In an interview published this past Tuesday by Newsweek Magazine in Spanish, Lydia Cacho spoke with journalist Alejandro Páez Varela…Páez Varela: Tell me, to denounce the pedophile networks in Mexico almost costs you your life?
Cacho: Indeed. Ever since I began to investigate Jean Succar Kuri, “the pedophile of Cancun “, I received death threats. Later we protected the victims of Succar Kuri in our women’s shelter, and we understood the magnitude of the power of these Mafias. When INTERPOL jailed Succar Kuri in Arizona, USA, I knew that his protectors would be worried about the publication of my book [Demons in Eden]. I have lived for a year being protected by three federal agents (of the AFIS). To break the silence has its price.
Páez Varela: How vulnerable are Mexico and Latin America to the sexual exploitation of children?
Cacho: It is the third more lucrative business of the world, after the drug trafficking and traffic of arms. The fall of the communist block, globalization & the feminization of poverty has made child pornography a commodity.
Latin America, like some countries in Asia, facilitates child sexual predators in establishing businesses, which are almost always linked to: forced prostitution; child trafficking; child sex tourism; pornography and money laundering.
Especially along Mexico’s northern and southern frontiers, these business flourish aided by police and judicial corruption. Criminal organizations act with impunity because they know their activities will almost always be protected by corrupt politicians and businessmen.

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