Archbishop of Puebla:focus on the fact of child sexual exploitation

A recent editorial by Fred Rozen in the Miami Herald Mexico Edition / El Universal, echoing statements by the Archbishop of Puebla state, make an important point by describing the need for the press and public to maintain focus on the fact that child sexual exploitation in Mexico is the main human rights crisis that must be resolved in that society. Mario Marin, they say, is of lesser importance than addressing child sexual exploitation directly.
We agree.
To accomplish that goal, however, it is critical that we shine a very bright spotlight on public officials such as Puebla Governor Mario Marin.
The world makes a false assumption that governments effectively work to stop child sex trafficking. The only way to counteract that misconception is to show how deep of a problem corruption really is in the context of official protection of child sex traffickers.
Keep the focus on Governor Marin!
In the end, we will see that the work of ending child sex trafficking will become a much easier task to accomplish once the role of official corruption is fully exposed.
– Chuck Goolsby
Feb. 27-March 1, 2006

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