Yes, you all can make a difference. Some of us journalists are in Mexico making sure our great country learns to respect Human Rights and cherish freedom of expression. Some of you are all over the world, and your active participation is a great tool to honor the memory of those friends and colleagues assassinated in Mexico.
Like Brad Will many where murdered for telling the truth, for showing the results of  mexican political corruption to the rest of the world. Let’s not forget who did it, and who is trying to cover-up the crimes by committing new crimes: like the incarceration of innocent people and the impunity of the guilty ones. Take action now! Be a part of our network for peace and freedom in Mexico. Do not give up…we believe in the power of globalizing hope and freedom.
Lydia Cacho

Please find below a link to a web action on behalf of Brad Will and Juan Manuel Martinez:
The action is also currently on the main page of
Brad Will was killed in Oaxaca 3 years ago. Official investigations into his death have still not established any truth or justice for what happened. Meanwhile Juan Manuel Martinez has been jailed for over a year on the basis of flawed evidence and he appears to have been used as a scapegoat by the Mexican authorities.
If you would like to participate in this action, please click on the link and send an appeal, spread the news or adapt the text for your audiences – the text of the action includes a model letter to the Federal Attorney General.
Many thanks for participating in this action!
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