Lydia Cacho had documented the sexual slavery of dozens of children in Cancún. Through intensive interview-ing, in many cases with adults who recounted their experiences as children, she uncovered Succar’s operation: children, mostly in their early teens but some as young as 5 years old, coerced into having sex – while being videotaped – for the amusement of (presumably) adult men in a worldwide market.
…In Mexico City, according to Teresa Ulloa, who heads a group called the Regional Coalition against the Traffic of Women and Girls in Latin America and the Caribbean (CATW), some 200,000 people suffer from some form of sexual exploitation. “One percent,” she told reporter Gabriel Zaragoza of La Jornada, “do so willingly, the rest through brute force, trickery, coercion, abuse of authority or a condition of vulnerability.” An estimated 25 percent of the victims, she added, are men or boys.
Yes, Mexico’s (hopefully) fading system of author-itarian cronyism is scandalous. But the organized, entre-preneurial abuse of children is a great deal more so.
– El Universal and Miami Herald
Feb. 27, 2006